Lift Your Head Up

Although there are “crushers” in life, there are also “lifters”. In Psalm 3: 1-3, the Psalmist says that in spite of his distressing situation, he does not despair or begins to become depressed, because his trust is in the Lord, who raises his head.

When we are depressed, it seems that everything around us collapses. We lose strength; our heads, hands and hearts begin to lower. Even our eyes and our voices are low. We become weary because we are looking at our problems instead of the Lord.

Whatever it is that causes us to despair, the Lord encourages us with his Word to raise our heads and our hands and look at Him. We find one of those many examples in Genesis 13:14, when God tells Abraham, when he had been defrauded by his nephew Lot, to “lift” his eyes and looked around him in all directions, because he would give him as his inheritance all the lands as far as his gaze could reach. In Psalm 24: 7, the psalmist says: “Lift up, doors, your lintels, and stand up, old doors, which the King of Glory will enter.” In Timothy 2: 8. The Apostle Paul encourages the people to pray “raising holy hands.”

It is good that we remember those instructions today. When people disappoint us, God wants us instead of becoming discouraged and depressed, to choose to raise our heads and eyes and look around at all the possibilities, not problems, trusting that He leads us to a better situation. Because He has it for us. We may be tempted to say: I am good for nothing! Instead of moving in a new direction like Abraham did, But the Lord constantly exhorts us to lift our eyes and our heads to inventory our blessings and stretch abundantly.

No matter how many circumstances you had in your life up to this time, you only have two options. One is to surrender and leave everything; the other is to keep going. If you decide to continue, you only have two options. One is to live constantly depressed and bitter; the other is to live hopeful and joyful. Choosing to live with hope and joy does not mean that you will never again find yourself in disappointing and discouraging situations; it means that you have decided not to let it get you down. Instead you will raise your eyes, hands, head and heart and look not at your problems but at the Lord. Who has promised you will see abundance and victory.

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