This Ministry follows the vision of Centro de Compañerismo Cristiano (Christian Fellowship Center ) by teaching the Word of God to children at their developmental level in collaboration with parents and teachers.

Our goal is for children to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and live victorious and Spirit-filled lives.

For Ages newborn to 5 years Old
The nursery and kindergarten offers a safe and comfortable environment for children ages newborn to 5 years old, so that parents can worship and study God’s Word on Sundays and midweek services.
Children are taught a curriculum based on the Bible through music, and videos in our classrooms.

For Ages 6 to 12 years Old
Inspire children to reflect their identity given by God and put Christ in their world.
They are given biblical tools accompanied with visual illustrations in Bible School to teach them how to live like Christ every day in all they do.

Bible School
Tuesday 7:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM

Children More than Conquerors

This ministry offers two services per month and special events for children 9 to 13 years of age.

We inspire Children and teens to reflect their God-given identity.They are given Bible tools to:

Live (Christ) – through praise, worship and activities

Love (People) – through service to others

Teach (People) – Learn more about God through creative teaching methods

Repeat – make disciples by sharing their faith with others

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Children’s Ministry Directors Manuel and Yari Garay

Youth Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to equipping and training young people to reflect their identity in Christ and discover their purpose and calling. Young people are ministered every Saturday through illustrations, activities, special events and study of the Word of God.

This ministry is dedicated to equip and empower young people to Christ and rekindle their passion given by God to serve.

The Youth Group Director is expressly assigned to shake off apathy and ungodly attitudes of young people and guide them to discover their intended purpose.

The Youth Group is ministered through deep worship and prayer, creative lessons, activities and Bible Study.

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Dios es Real (God is Real)

Women’s Ministry

This Ministry is designed especially for women and the situations that only they face, in monthly meetings with an environment that encourages friendship and companionship,

 to teach them that you were designed with an unstoppable spirit!

Discover, along with other women of faith, the sweet surprises that God has reserved, while entering a new season of bold, confident and courageous life.

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Women’s Ministry Director Perla Chavez

Amigas Reales

This ministry is designed for young ladies from 13 to 19 years of age; and offers a service per month, where young women are prepared for the future, with the purpose of living a Christ-centered life;

with study of the Word of God with an emphasis on good manners and etiquette to provide young women with the necessary social skills to feel confident in their lives and teach them who are in Christ.

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Amigas Reales Director Pastor Nuvia Hughes

Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism is an Outreach Ministry of Centro de Compañerismo Cristiano (Christian Fellowship Center),  Teams will go on a weekly basis to downtown Douglas to share the love of Jesus and encourage residents to attend the services available at C.C.C.

Rompiendo Ataduras
(Breaking Bondages)

Evangelism Director Cynthia Cononado

Prison Ministry

“Remember the prisoners as if you were their fellow prisoner…” Hebrews 13:3

Our Prison Ministry exists to provide spiritual guidance for those incarcerated.  We believe no one is outside the grace of God!

Our team is passionate that all would come to know the grace and love of God and his salvation.  The Prison Ministry is a team of men gathered by God for the purpose of sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ to incarcerated men. 

Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:36 give us the basis for this ministry, “…I was in prison and you visited me…” We are called to share His love, hope and life-changing message to those behind bars and those who have been recently released from the detention system.