Our Team

Mireya San
Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor to Pastors Ignacio and Nuvia Hughes at C.C.C., teaches by ministering the message of Faith, Health, Prosperity and Prophetic Word.

Alma Valles

Associate Pastor to  Pastors Ignacio and Nuvia Hughes and Coordinator of Word of Faith Ministries in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua; México.

José René Quintero García

Associate Pastor to Pastors Ignacio and Nuvia Hughes at C.C.C.,  is authorized to carry out the functions of Praise and Worship minister, Teach the Word,  and Ministering to the sick

Director of Ministry of Music

The mission of the Praise and Worship team is to lead the Christian Fellowship Center congregation into praise and worship to God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is the mission of this ministry to present the highest level of excellence in music that can be achieved.

This level of excellence is required of all members of the C.C.C. Ministry of Music. This commitment to excellence is not limited to musical ability and talent, but it also has the duty to be evident in its Christian walk in general.

Each member of the Ministry of Music of the C.C.C. is considered a worship leader and, as such, he or she must address himself as a true Christian leader.

Perla Guerra
Director  of Children’s Ministry

This Ministry follows the vision of Centro de Compañerismo Cristiano (Christian Fellowship Center ) by teaching the Word of God to children at their developmental level in collaboration with parents and teachers.

Our goal is for children to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and live victorious and Spirit-filled lives.

They inspire children and teenagers to reflect their God-given identity and put Christ in their world, with biblical tools accompanied with visual illustrations, activities, music, and special events to teach them how to live like Christ every day in everything they do. 

Dance Ministry

The mission of this Ministry is to lead the congregation of Centro de Compañerismo Cristiano (Christian Fellowship Center) in praise and worship in expression of dance to God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Each member of the Ministry of Dance of  C.C.C. is considered a worship leader and, as such, she must act as a true Christian leader.

Erika Ruiz
Multimedia Director

This Ministry is responsible for the duplication of CDs and DVDs, reproduction of Study material and the recording and editing of the Television and Radio Program of “THE VICTORY THAT HAS COME TO THE WORLD, EVEN OUR FAITH” and the special activities of the church.

They seek to develop the talents given by God to our members by electronically bringing Pastors Ignacio and Nuvia Hughes to homes around the world, providing our Faith Partners with an experience that rivals what is found in secular media, like, TV, radio, Internet, CDs and DVDs.

Ignacio & Nuvia Hughes
Youth Ministry Directors

They are expressly assigned to shake apathy and ungodly attitudes out of the Youth and guide them to discover their intended purpose and calling. Young people are ministered through Prayer, Praise and Worship and Bible Study.

Director of Ushers

This group performs the vital service of directing, escorting and assisting people who attend services and other activities at our Sanctuary.
They also help with controlling crowd, traffic and distributing information regarding church functions to members and visitors alike.
They greet direct members, companions and first time guest.

They help maintain a comfortable, heartwarming environment throughout every church service ans special event. This team helps with the distribution and dissemination of information about all the functions of the church to members and visitors on the premises. 

They aid guests in the completion of welcome, prayer request and information forms available at C.C.C.

Director of Evangelism

Evangelism is an Outreach Ministry of Centro de Compañerismo Cristiano (Christian Fellowship Center), which encompasses the community within a three-mile radius surrounding the C.C.C. property. 

Teams go to the neighborhoods weekly to share the love of Jesus and encourage residents to attend the services available at the C.C.C.

They also do house to house visits and minister people who request help.

Perla Chavez
Women’s Ministry Director

This Ministry is designed especially for women and the situations that only they face, in monthly meetings with an environment that fosters friendship and companionship.

Manuel Gonzalez
Security Director

This group performs the service of directing, escorting and assisting people who attend C.C.C. services.

They direct traffic and maintain a safe parking procedure. The Church provides a home pick-up and drop-off service developed by the security team.

Dr. Miguel Maldonado

Prison Ministry Coordinator

Our team is passionate that all would come to know the grace and love of God and his salvation.  

The Prison Ministry is a team of men gathered by God for the purpose of sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ to incarcerated men. 

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